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This guide will help you get to know the most basic stuff you can do with a Whatbox.

Think of the slot as an always-on computer that is somewhere on the internet, with a very fast connection. There is no graphic user interface (GUI), but you don't need to dive in command line land for the basics.


Browse to the web user interface (WebUI): server.whatbox.ca/webui/

Log in with the same username and password as this site and you will be greeted with a familiar interface.

You add torrent files by clicking on the globe in the upper left corner, with a file upload or a torrent URL. The torrent will start downloading and seeding, once it has completed.

Even if you close the WebUI tab, everything will keep running as you left it. The webpage is just a frontend (ruTorrent) for the backend client (rTorrent).


Now that you added some torrents to your slot, browse to server.whatbox.ca/filebrowser/ and you can see the contents of the slot. Double-click "files" and you can see the files you downloaded earlier. Select a file, click "Download" on the left and it's on the way to your device!

What's next?

Now that you understand the basics, you can browse around our Wiki and discover everything that's possible with the slot. For example:

If you have questions or suggestions, get in touch on IRC or make a support ticket.