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Frequently asked questions

What is Whatbox?

Whatbox is an app hosting platform. We let you run popular network apps on high speed servers that are online and running 24/7. With Whatbox you get the benefits of self-hosting without having to worry about potential hardware failures and troubleshooting, nor managing the security, tuning, and updates of the operating system.

What can I store with Whatbox?

Whatbox includes access to your share of a datacenter-class hard drive and network. This enables you to store any data that you would normally store on your own machine, but at much higher speeds.

Are these shared or dedicated servers?

Whatbox servers are shared. We combine powerful server hardware with a secure shared environment to provide bare metal performance to all applications. This gives a great experience at an affordable price.

What are the hardware specs of the servers?

The exact hardware specifications vary depending on the chosen plan, location, and availability. You can expect your server to have a powerful CPU with a Passmark score of at least 30,000, 320 GB of RAM, 40 gigabit networking, and datacenter-class hard drives.

Can I use root?

No, root access is unavailable due to your services running on a managed, shared platform.

What apps are supported?

We offer one-click installs for the following apps:

How do I install a supported app?

You can visit the Apps section of the Manage page for your server to install or enable any supported app. Zero configuration required.

Can I run my own apps?

Yes, however this is advanced functionality that must be done via SSH and the support that we can offer will be limited. There are some additional guidelines:

Can I run Java apps?

Yes, however we are unable to assist with the installation of the software or the Java Runtime Enivornment. Any installation or use will be subject to your acceptance of the Oracle Java EULA and the above guidelines of not running especially resource-intensive tasks that negatively impact other users.

Is Plex supported?

Plex is available as a managed app on both our HDD plans and SSD plans. We provide one-click installation and updates, including beta updates for Plex Pass holders.

Do you support the ability to stream 4K media?

Absolutely, the server supports 4K video streaming to devices with suitable network speeds and playback capabilities. 4K HEVC video streams may not be transcoded.

Is my data backed up?

To provide you with the most competitive pricing possible, managed backups are not available. We strongly recommend that you maintain your own backups of any data that you can not easily replace. While we have a high success rate of recovery from failing drives and make every effort to recover rather than just immediately declare a total loss, we are not providing data redundancy or backups at this time. If you do in the unlikely event lose data due to a hardware failure, you will be credited per our service-level agreement.

Where is my data stored?

This varies based on what country you select during the purchase of your Whatbox plan:

Can I use FUSE, Google Drive, or other networked filesystems?

Yes, FUSE-based apps are available for use on your slot via SSH. However, due to the wide variety of FUSE-based file systems and the increased risk of bugs, the level of support we are able to offer for issues stemming from these apps will be on a "best effort" basis: if we are unsure, we will point you to official documentation and community support for the app you are having issues with.

What happens if I exceed my storage allocation?

Your ability to download new data onto your server will be temporarily restricted. You will be required to reduce the amount of storage you are using to under the allocated amount for your plan in order to restore downloading capabilities. The system will check this and remove download bandwidth restrictions every 30 minutes.

Under what conditions will you delete my files?

Your files will only be deleted when your slot is deleted. Slots are deleted 7 days after expiration with no payment. You can also mark your slot as canceling, allowing your slot to be deleted as soon as it expires.

How many others is my drive shared with?

Your slot's hard drive may have up to a maximum of 4 users, depending on the plans placed on your hard drive. Our highest tier of storage always comes with a dedicated drive.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my storage capacity?

Create a support ticket and tell us what you would like to upgrade or downgrade to. We will process your transfer as quickly as availability allows. If we don't have the plan you would like immediately available, you will be placed into a queue and moved as soon as it is possible. We do not offer à la carte storage at this time.

Can I have multiple slots?

Yes! To add an additional slot to your account, just visit our plans page and purchase an available plan. It will be added to your account and managed as normal on your Manage page. Each slot will be on a unique server; you cannot have multiple slots on the same server.

Is my hosted data secure?

Stored on servers featuring our own custom hardened Linux kernel, your hosted data is secure at Whatbox. Rest assured knowing that whenever the next software or hardware exploit hits, we are already patching our servers to fix the issue. Security is the very highest priority at Whatbox and we take pride in this area. Our security awards program offers prizes up to 15,000 USD for the discovery of security problems.

How fast are your servers?

Our servers are connected directly to a 40 gigabit per second fiber connection. We use best in class datacenter hard drives and automatic RAM caching. It's hard to quantify but they are pretty fast.

Do you offer re-routing?

Yes! If you are experiencing poor speeds, throughput, or high latency, please let us know in a support ticket so that we can diagnose any connection issues. We fully manage our network and can often route around common areas of congestion.

Can the /etc/hosts file be modified?

As our servers are shared, the /etc/hosts file cannot be modified.

Do you offer unlimited download traffic?

Yes. Downloading files to your slot’s hard drive is completely unlimited.

What counts towards my upload traffic quota?

All upload traffic is counted except for the following applications:

What happens if I exceed my upload traffic quota?

Exceeding your upload traffic quota will result in your upload speed being limited to 100 Megabits per second until your next billing cycle. You will be able to continue using your slot as normal; the limited upload speed will be the only change that takes place.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my high-speed traffic allocation?

You may add a one-time or recurring monthly traffic add-on when purchasing or on the Manage page at the “Increase Traffic Allocation” link.

When does my upload traffic reset?

Your upload traffic resets as part of your billing cycle. For example, if you initially purchased your slot plan on 5th November, your traffic would reset in full back to zero traffic used on 5th December.

How do I find my slot's IP address?

The IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses of your slot can be located by heading to your Manage page and selecting the "Info" link located on the upper-right portion of the page.

Do you offer dedicated IP addresses?

All servers have static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that are shared with all users on the server. Due to the extreme scarcity of IPv4 addresses, we are unable to offer users their own dedicated IPv4 addresses. We may be able to offer dedicated IPv6 addresses in the future when adoption is more prevalent.

What payment methods do you support?

We support a wide range of payment methods:

We support multiple currencies to help save you currency conversion fees:

Is my payment information secure?

The security of your payment information is extremely important. We have partnered with PCI-compliant vendors Stripe and PayPal to process your payments securely. None of your information ever touches our servers, and is transmitted directly to Stripe or PayPal for processing.

Do you offer subscriptions?

We offer automatic subscriptions to make managing your slot easier. Not all payment methods are eligibile however. To get started, head to your Manage page and select the button on the right side of the page that says "Enable Auto-Billing".

What happens if I can’t renew on time?

We are more than happy to work with your schedule if you will be unable to renew in time for any reason. Just let us know via a support ticket prior to your slot’s expiration date and we will flag your account so that it is not to be removed by the automated systems.

How do I change the email address notifications are sent to?

You can change this on the email preferences page.

Do you offer other notifications besides email?

Yes, we offer SMS alerts which are sent out concurrently with email alerts for important account events. To add an SMS number to your account visit the mobile preferences page.

How can I modify what notifications I get?

Head to your notification preference page, where you will be able to modify what notifications you receive, as well as how you receive them.

How do I change my username?

Unfortunately, we are unable to change usernames at this time. Instead, a new account will need to be created. You can request to transfer any active slots to another account by creating a support ticket for more information.

How do I delete my account?

To permanently and irrevocably delete your account, visit the account deletion page.