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The Manage page is the main control panel from which you monitor your client, disk space and traffic. The integration of all these features into a control panel makes basic tasks easy and painless.


Service Status

Check whether your current client and WebUI are up and running. If they aren't, restart them with a single click. Also check the statuses of main services, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSH.

Disk Usage

Check how much of your allotted disk space you are currently using. Refresh the usage amount with a single click.


Check your total upload traffic, and whether you are within your limit (if applicable). Daily, Monthly and Average Speed graphs give you a detailed overview of how much and when you've been uploading. Great for all you stats lovers. Read more about traffic caps here.

Days Remaining

Check how many days you have left before your slot expires, and easily add more.



Opens the web interface of your Bittorrent client.


Opens the Helm filebrowser. For more information, go to the Helm article.


Brings you to an overview of experimental features we're working on: dynamical statistics, installed software, etc.


Provides detailed technical slot information. For more information, go to the main article.


Allows you to easily check and modify certain slot settings. For more information, go to the main article.