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ruTorrent is a front-end for the popular Bittorrent client rTorrent. Full documentation for ruTorrent is located in the ruTorrent GitHub wiki.

Customizing the code & adding new plugins

Follow these steps if you wish to be able to modify the source code of ruTorrent, or add new plugins:

  1. Connect to your slot with SSH

  2. Run the listed commands:

     rsync -a /usr/share/webapps/rutorrent/3.10/htdocs/ ~/.config/rutorrent/webui/
     cp -f /var/www/localhost/htdocs/rutorrent/conf/config.php ~/.config/rutorrent/webui/conf/config.php

Optionally, you can copy the non-standard plugins we provide which includes plugins like autodl-irssi and geoip2

  1. Edit rTorrent's configuration file:

     nano -w ~/.config/rtorrent/rtorrent.rc

    Replace this line:

    execute = {sh,-c,/usr/bin/php /var/www/localhost/htdocs/rutorrent/php/initplugins.php &}
    execute = {sh,-c,/usr/bin/php ~/.config/rutorrent/webui/php/initplugins.php &}

    Press Ctrl+S to save the file, then press Ctrl+X to exit nano

  2. Restart rTorrent on your Manage page

You can now add your own plug-ins by placing their data in ~/.config/rutorrent/webui/plugins and refreshing ruTorrent. You will also have access to all other ruTorrent data and can do with it as you like.

Copy some of the non-standard plugins that we provide by default

The above instructions will give you the most basic of ruTorrent installations. If you would like to also copy over some non-standard ruTorrent plug-ins that we do provide by default, run the following as a single command:

for plugin in autodl-irssi deprecated-filemanager fixfonts geoip2 magnetic materialdesign pausewebui whatbox-cpuload whatbox-data whatbox-diskspace whatbox-helpers; do rsync -a /usr/share/webapps/rutorrent-$plugin/*/htdocs/ /home/user/.config/rutorrent/webui/plugins/$plugin/ ; done

If you wish to not copy one of these plug-ins, remove it from the start of the command.

The base ruTorrent installation comes with the default diskspace and cpuload plug-ins, but these will be broken and inaccurate respectively on our servers. If you prefer to use our fixed versions of these plug-ins, make sure that whatbox-diskspace and whatbox-cpuload are copied in the above command, and then delete the default plug-ins from ruTorrent's plug-in directory

rm -r ~/.config/rutorrent/webui/plugins/cpuload ~/.config/rutorrent/webui/plugins/diskspace

Reverting to the default ruTorrent installation

If you would rather use the default installation again, delete or rename your custom webui directory:

  1. rm -r ~/.config/rutorrent/webui to delete, or mv ~/.config/rutorrent/webui ~/.config/rutorrent/webui.old to rename.

  2. nano -w ~/.config/rtorrent/rtorrent.rc and replace this line:

    Replace this line:

     execute = {sh,-c,/usr/bin/php ~/.config/rutorrent/webui/php/initplugins.php &}


     execute = {sh,-c,/usr/bin/php /var/www/localhost/htdocs/rutorrent/php/initplugins.php &}

    Press Ctrl+S to save the file, then press Ctrl+X to exit nano

  3. Restart rTorrent on your Manage page