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Whatbox has a general purpose IRC channel that can be used for questions, concerns and chat. Please use your Whatbox nick name if you require assistance. If you have asked a question and not received support, please open a support ticket.

Server irc.whatbox.ca
Port 6697
Channel #whatbox

Port 7000 (with TLS/SSL) is available for people unable to connect on port 6697 for any reason.

Using Mibbit

The quickest and easiest way to join may be to use Mibbit, a web based client.

Chat with Mibbit

Using a Client

The first step is to install an IRC client such as HexChat, mIRC, or Textual. Use the interface provided with the client to add the server, or use these standard commands:

HexChat, mIRC, Textual

/server irc.whatbox.ca +6697
/join #whatbox


/sslserver irc.whatbox.ca 6697
/join #whatbox


/server -s irc.whatbox.ca 6697
/join #whatbox


/connect -tls -tls_verify irc.whatbox.ca 6697
/join #whatbox


/connect irc.whatbox.ca/6697 -ssl
/join #whatbox


Our IRC bot, Skynet, has several available commands. Learn more about them here.


  1. In general, don't be rude.
  2. Do not discuss trackers or warez.
  3. Don't ask to ask a question; just ask your question.