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Before contacting us for help, please check if your question is answered in the Wiki. If it isn't, we'll be glad to help you. We try to resolve support issues as soon as possible but we are not online 24/7. Afternoon and evening EST are the times support staff are most likely to be available.

Support Tickets

Support tickets are the primary method for getting help. Just head over to Support and create a new ticket with your issue. Please create only one ticket per issue.

What makes a good support ticket?

Being specific and including all relevant information. This may include:

  • What are you trying to do
  • How you are trying to do it
  • An error message (or lack of one)
  • Name of file or torrent it applies to
  • Any software you may be using


For real-time support join our IRC channel at irc.whatbox.ca/#whatbox. Learn how to connect to IRC here. If you have a question, ask it. Please wait patiently for a response. If no support staff are online, or you do not receive a response, please file a support ticket.