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rTorrent is the default bittorrent client on Whatbox slots. It is a text-based client, but can also be controlled through several graphical interfaces.


Text-based ncurses interface

The built in text-based interface provides an efficient way to control rTorrent for users comfortable with text-based interfaces and SSH. By default, Whatbox runs rTorrent within a screen. This allows users to disconnect from rTorrent while leaving it running. To connect to rTorrent execute screen -r over SSH. To disconnect without stopping rTorrent use Ctrl-AD

The official rTorrent user guide explains all the commands and controls available. Basic use:

navigate withArrow keys
start withCtrl-S
stop withCtrl-K
delete withCtrl-D
add torrent withEnter
quit withCtrl-Q


ruTorrent is the simplest interface for normal use. It provides a graphical interface similar to that of uTorrent.


Transdroid is an open-source application for managing torrents from Android devices. It is able to connect rTorrent, as well as Deluge and Transmission. For more information on Transdroid and a guide to configuring it, see the Transdroid article.


rTorrent is pre-configured and ready for use but you can change or add settings if you wish to. The configuration can be made by modifying rTorrent's configuration file, which is found at ~/.config/rtorrent/rtorrent.rc on Whatbox servers. Some settings can be changed through ruTorrent's graphical preferences panel.

For further information on editing rTorrent's configuration please take a look at the main article Editing rtorrent.rc

Command Line Restart

To restart rtorrent from the command-line, simply run the following command: killall rtorrent\ main && screen -dmS rTorrent rtorrent