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Traffic Accounting

Our traffic accounting process is fairly detailed, however there are two simple rules that can help you remember almost all cases. First, data downloaded to the server is never counted; we are a service to deliver content, so we only record what you deliver. Second, anything that requires you to log into it, will not count; we do not count your personal transfer to and from the server towards your total.

Not counted

We don't like throttling people, so we've provided some exceptions to help make your monthly traffic limit go a longer way; none of the following will count towards your monthly limit:

  • Download to your slot
  • Personal File Access
  • VPN Data
  • SSH Tunnels
  • Plex
  • Jellyfin


We do our best to guarantee that traffic totals reported to you accurately reflect the reality of our policies. The totals you see are the same ones that are available to us, and used by our automated services.

If you ever observe what you believe to be an error, we provide a number of live analysis tools in our labs for inspecting the live state of your traffic as recorded by us.

If you do indeed fall subject to a traffic accounting error, after our development team has corrected the issue, your upload totals & throttling (if applicable) will be reset. No other form of compensation will be provided.

Connection Speed

All of our slots are sold with a maximum Connection Speed rating in Megabits/second. While the majority of our customers do experience the speeds advertised, there are a myriad of factors that can cause lower speeds.

We would also like to remind you that the speed at which content is delivered from our servers to a remote content recipient is also dependent upon the recipient's network capabilities. Many home users do not have connections that can download from our machines at the rates advertised so multiple concurrent recipients are necessary to fully utilize the connection.

Overage Fees

No overage fee will ever be charged by our staff under any circumstance.


If you exceed your Traffic Limit for a given month, your upload limit will be limited to a speed of 100 Megabits/second for the remainder of that billing cycle. Renewing early will not lift this throttle in advance.

It should also be noted that we will not throttle Personal File Access on your slot. All traffic that is not counted will remain available at full speed.

Packet Inspection

No form of packet inspection occurs on any of our servers.