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If you believe one of our customers is distributing your content without appropriate rights or license, you may contact our abuse department via email at abuse@whatbox.ca.

Automated enforcement

Our abuse email supports the ACNS Email Delivery specification and all well formed and valid ACNS XML payloads will be redirected to our automated copyright enforcement system. This system will perform a comprehensive scan of the indicated server we maintain and notify our appropriate customer.

As with all automated systems, the response is only as good as the input you provide us. As a copyright holder it is your responsibility to ensure that the ACNS XML payload is accurate and well formed.

We will not be held liable for a failure to process, or inaccurate processing of a complaint if your ACNS XML payload is not in accordance with the formal specification.

  • The payload must be valid XML
  • The payload must validate against the ACNS XML Schema Definition
  • The contents of the payload must be accurate and complete

By sending an email to abuse@whatbox.ca containing ACNS XML data you agree not to hold us liable for a failure to process reports that do not conform to these industry standards for interoperability.

In the event of a malformed XML payload, our automated copyright enforcement system may automatically flag the complaint for human review. If this happens additional processing delays may be incurred.

Human responses

If you wish to speak with someone from our abuse department please ensure no ACNS XML is included in your email. Please be aware that human responses from our abuse department may not be immediate due to: evenings, weekends and holidays. Under normal circumstances you should allow 1-2 business days to hear back from us.


Customer information

If we should receive a valid abuse notification for your use of our services, you will receive notification from us through email.

Disputing complaints

It is possible to dispute a complaint if you believe it was made in error. To dispute a complaint you must first inform us of your intent to dispute the complaint via a support ticket, then contact the complainant directly to resolve the issue with them. We will not act as an intermediary for disputed complaints.

Temporary suspension

It is our policy to ensure all infringing content is handled within 24 hours, so if we don't hear back from you within 24 hours your services will be temporarily suspended. To unsuspend your services you will need to contact us and let us know you are able and willing to remove the infringing content. At this point, we will unsuspend your services.

We will not provide compensation for service downtime as a result of a suspended account.

Permanent termination

It is also our policy to terminate the accounts of repeated infringers. The application of the policy is determined based upon several criteria including whether the account holder is appropriately removing content.

In the event of account termination, you will be provided with a pro-rated refund for service time that was not yet used and 24 hours to back-up non-infringing content to another provider.


While we do not officially endorse or provide a program for resellers, it is an acknowledged practice. Resellers are responsible for ensuring that their customers are held up to comparable standards for the removal of infringing content and handling the termination of repeat infringers. Failure to do so may result in the termination of the reseller's entire account.

Other abuse

You may contact our abuse department via email at abuse@whatbox.ca. Please allow 1-2 business days for review and processing.

Attacks on other networks

If you believe one of our customers is actively attacking your server or network we would be happy to resolve the situation. In many cases situations like this occur from a customer who has themselves been compromised by a malicious party and who is unaware that their server credentials have been compromised.

To ensure a swift resolution, please describe the nature of the attack in as much detail as you are able. Provide us with all of the relevant details for the nature of the attack. This may include your server IP, our server IP and the relevant ports and UTC timestamps. Log samples, URLs and other information are also welcome to help expedite resolution.

Illegal content

If you believe one of our customers is distributing illegal material. Please contact abuse@whatbox.ca immediately. Please provide us with the IP, ports, URLs and any other relevant information that might help us quickly resolve the matter.