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Reporting abuse

If you believe one of our customers is distributing your content without appropriate rights or license, you may contact our abuse department via email.


Automated enforcement

Our abuse email supports the ACNS Email Delivery specification. By sending ACNS emails, we will scan the reported server, notify the appropriate customer and enforce removal.

As with all automation, our response is only as good as your input. For good results, please ensure that the ACNS XML payload is accurate and well-formed.

  • The payload must be valid XML
  • The payload must validate against the ACNS XML Schema Definition
  • The contents of the payload must be accurate and complete
  • Malformed payloads may cause reply delays or even failure

By sending an email to abuse@whatbox.ca containing ACNS XML:

  • You understand that malformed payloads may cause processing delays or silent failure
  • You release us from liability for such failures if they occur

Human responses

If you wish to speak with someone from our abuse department, please ensure there is no ACNS XML in your email. Please be aware that human responses from our abuse department may not be immediate due to: evenings, weekends, holidays, and staff availability. Typically you should expect a few business days to hear back from us.


Whatbox customers

We will notify you by email if we receive a complaint about your usage.

Temporary lock

We will temporarily lock your slot if you do not resolve complaints within 24 hours. We provide information about open complaints and tools to help you fix them on the self-service Complaints page.

We will not provide downtime credits if we lock your slot for unresolved complaints.

Permanent termination

Repeat offenders may have their slot closed with a pro-rated refund and time to backup their files.

Disputing complaints

To dispute a complaint:

  1. Send an email to the complainant for each distinct complaint.
  2. Please open a support ticket and send us proof you have contacted the complainant directly.
  3. We will resolve the complaint and leave your files intact.

Other abuse

You may contact our abuse department via email at abuse@whatbox.ca. Typically you should expect a few business days to hear back from us.

Attacks on other networks

If one of our customers attacks your server or network, we will help resolve the situation. Attacks often originate from a customer whose account is compromised.

To ensure a timely response, please include please include the following:

  • What the attacker is doing, in as much detail as you can provide
  • Your relevant IP addresses and ports
  • Our relevant IP addresses and ports
  • Time of the attack in UTC
  • Relevant log lines, URLs, and any other supporting information

Illegal files

If you believe one of our customers is distributing illegal files, contact us immediately with the subject "Illegal file distribution" and the following information:

  • What illegal material you found in the file
  • The names and types of files
  • The IP address of our server sharing it
  • The port or URL where you found the illegal files