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Refund Policy

You can request a refund by creating a new support ticket and speaking with one of our staff.


Refunds are available for seven days after purchase or renewal.


Your refund will be pro-rated based on the remaining time and upload traffic.

Talk to us

Please let us know why you would like a refund. If you are having problems with our service, we will try and help.

Refund method

We can only refund transactions using the method of original payment.

Future service

We may refuse future services to customers who repeatedly purchase new services and then request refunds.


We are regrettably unable to offer refunds for cryptocurrency transactions:

  • High volatility makes refunds unpleasant. A refund of equal fiat value may return significantly less cryptocurrency.
  • Transaction fees can go much higher than fiat payment methods, making refunds abnormally costly.
  • We don't hold cryptocurrency and don't wish to purchase it specifically for refunds.
  • Anonymity makes it challenging to prove we refund the same person who made the initial purchase.