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Refund Policy

You can request a refund by creating a new support ticket and speaking with one of our staff.

Pro rata

All of our refunds are pro rata. This means we will refund you for what you haven't used.

7 days

Refunds are available upon request for the first 7 days after a purchase or renewal.

Talk to us

Explain your problem when you ask for a refund, we may be able to help.

Transaction isolation

Transactions can only be refunded the same way we received them. We will not issue you a refund in a different way than you paid.

Future service

To prevent abuse, we reserve the right to refuse future services to any customer seeking multiple refunds.

Refund formula

Using our 15.00 USD Flex1 plan as an example:

Variable Slider Usage Refund
Monthly traffic 0.00 B / 2.50 TB 15.00 USD
Days elapsed 0 days / 31 days 15.00 USD

Qualifies for a 15.00 refund