Refund Policy

You can request a refund by creating a new support ticket and speaking with one of our staff.

Pro rata

All of our refunds are pro rata. This means we will refund you for what you haven't used.

7 days

Refunds are available upon request for the first 7 days after a purchase or renewal.

Talk to us

Explain your problem when you ask for a refund, we may be able to help.

Transaction isolation

Transactions can only be refunded the same way we received them. We will not issue you a refund in a different way than you paid.

Refund formula

Using our 15.00 USD Flex1 plan as an example:

Variable Slider Usage Refund
Monthly traffic 0.00 B / 2.00 TiB 15.00 USD
Days elapsed 0 days / 31 days 15.00 USD

Qualifies for a 15.00 refund