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Service-level Agreement

Our customers have indicated that affordability and performance are more important than high availability. Downtime will happen occasionally, and this describes our responsibility.

Downtime Compensation

If your system is offline for a period exceeding 6 hours:

  • We will provide you with a service credit equal in time to the outage, rounded up to the nearest whole day.
We will not compensate you for downtime due to your ISP.

Occasional alterations

Our staff may provide more generous service credits than specified at their sole discretion. Additional credits are one-time and do not alter this policy.

Data loss

We provide services "as is" without redundancy or backup. It is your responsibility to backup your data.

Nevertheless, if a hardware failure results in a catastrophic loss of your data, we will provide you with a 30 day service credit.

We provide many applications and protocols that can modify and delete files. If files are missing and there is no evidence of corruption, we must assume it was your human error, and no credit will be issued.