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Service-level Agreement

Given the nature of our content delivery solutions and the protocols they rely on, our customers have indicated to us that affordability and resources are more important to them than high-availability. Because of this downtime may happen from time to time. This informal agreement aims to explain to you the way we will handle such occasions when they arise.

Downtime compensation

If your system is offline for a period exceeding 6 hours, you will be issued a credit of at least 1 day for at a minimum the duration the downtime lasted. Periods less than 6 hours will not necessarily be credited unless exceptional circumstances are involved and it is done at the discretion of the staff.

We will not compensate you for downtime as a result of your ISP or connectivity to the server.

Occasional alterations

We reserve the right to alter our approach to downtime compensation on a server by server basis, if we have an unknown hardware issue that's taking a while to diagnose we may inform you via a news post that you will be compensated more aggressively while it is worked out.

Data loss

The majority of our services are provided as is without redundancy or backup, it is your responsibility to backup your data to a secondary location when using our services. Nevertheless if a hardware failure results in a catastrophic loss of data affecting you, we will provide you a free month of service for the failure.

Human deletion of data will not be compensated. We provide a number of tools that are capable of deleting content, if you find data missing but there is no evidence of corruption it will be assumed to be a human error on your behalf.