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One-Click Simplicity

On our Plex-capable HDD Plan you can get your Plex server up and running in minutes with our one-click Plex installation process.

Powerful CPU for Transcodes

Our HDD Plan features a dual Xeon processor, which will allow you to transcode up to 4 streams at once.

Plex Pass Versions

We welcome Plex Pass holders, with the ability to install the latest Plex Pass versions when you link a Plex account with an active Plex Pass.

Plex WebUI

File Management

Helm (Exclusive)

Helm file manager makes file management easy. Download, upload, delete, move, and rename files through a clear modern web user interface. Helm is only available at Whatbox.


Whatbox supports all common network protocols used for file transferring and management. FTP is a great way to easily download large amounts of files from your slot.


rsync is an application which synchronizes files and directories from one location to another while minimizing data transfer using delta encoding when appropriate.

Helm File Manager


rTorrent with ruTorrent

A reliable, lightweight torrent client with a powerful graphical web user interface.


A full-featured open source BitTorrent with multiple user interfaces. It is popular for the ability to be controlled by a cross platform thin client.


A solid client with a simple, clear interface. It's easy to use and has native Mac, Gtk+, Qt, Web, and terminal interfaces.

ruTorrent WebUI

Control Panel

Disk Usage

Check your disk usage by visiting our slot control panel. Clear graphs make it easy to see how much space you have left.

Traffic Graphs

Clearly see how much you've uploaded with our hourly, daily, and monthly upload totals.

App Control

Check that your apps are up and running. If any of them aren't, restart at the click of a button.

Settings, Shortcuts, More

Configuring your slot is easy when all the options are there waiting for you. We try to provide the most useful options right in a control panel for you to use.

Control Panel Graphs


Linux Power!

There is so much you can do with the Linux shell account (non-root) that comes with every slot! Edit config files, compile software, transcode music, chat on IRC. The shell account that comes with every slot provides flexibility, allowing you to tailor the slot to your needs. Completely new to Linux? This is a great chance to get your feet wet.

Control Apps

Prefer the speed of a text based interface? Some of our apps offer this advanced capability. For example, rTorrent's text based interface is available via SSH. Although a bit of a challenge to learn, many power users prefer it over other options.

SSH Tunnels

An SSH tunnel lets you proxy your traffic through the server to maintain your privacy on the internet. It's fairly simple to set up with your web browser to hide your IP address while browsing.

Popular Software

Commonly used software is already installed, including nano, vim, irssi, lftp, lame, flac, and mktorrent.

Example SSH Login



One thing a lot of our users enjoy is how we provide them with access to an ever improving wiki, which aims to give clear instructions for how to do both common and complicated tasks.


If, however, you find yourself stuck on a particular problem, we have a full ticket system and an expert staff allowing you to file an issue for us to resolve for you.


General questions? Want to talk to us? Want faster support or the chance to talk to some of our other customers? We operate an IRC channel, providing the most direct way to communicate with us. Check us out on #whatbox on irc.whatbox.ca.

User receiving staff help


Pay As You Go or Subscribe

We don't bill you automatically, by default. We will send you payment reminders on your choice of schedule and you choose if and when you pay. If you want, you can set up an automatic subscription with your credit card.

No Contracts

We don't try to trap you into long agreements with discount incentives, everyone pays the same low price, even if you pay 1 month at a time.

Clear Pricing

All prices are in the currency of your choice: either USD, CAD, or EUR. No service fees, overage fees or surcharges. Only Canadian residents pay sales tax.

No Traps

Nothing you can do while using our services will increase your bill. If you want a larger bill you can ask to be transferred to a larger plan.

PayPal, Cards and more

We allow you to make payments using a variety of methods: PayPal, Stripe and more.


Our refund policy is available here.

Sample invoice