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Warning: This test is very bandwidth intensive.

Multi-Threaded Speedtest

Important: This is a multi-threaded speedtest. It will test the speed you could expect to receive from our servers for multi-threaded transfers such as downloading multiple files at the same time with an FTP client. For results indicative of single-threaded transfers such as downloading a single file switch to single-threaded speedtest.

There are a myriad of factors that can impact the speed you receive when retrieving your files from our services. This page is meant to allow you an easy way to compare the performance between servers in various locations as they will impact you. A full test will run for 30 seconds and will measure both your latency as well as your connection speed to one of our servers in a particular location.

Netherlands (Test HDD) (Test NVMe)

United States (Test HDD) (Test NVMe)

Singapore (Test HDD) (Test NVMe)