We pride ourselves on helping you distribute your data to large audiences all over the world, with industry leading distribution options based out of North America and Europe.

Several years ago we were one of the first providers in our industry to allow users to place their data in North America and provide faster speeds to people fetching their content within North America. We want to do that again in the Asia-Pacific region.

Despite Asia-Pacific having more people than any other region in the world, internet costs there are remarkably high. Many people in this region are left downloading content at substandard speeds even when their personal internet connection is capable of more.

We want to do our part to change this by placing your content closer to people in this region allowing them to download at much higher speeds than they could before.

Pricing shown in
360.00 GiB

private storage space[1]

2.00 TiB

upload traffic per month

150 Mbps

burstable speed

150 Mbps

sustainable speed

20 CAD

monthly service cost[2]

Register your interest

Because of the high costs of networking in the Asia-Pacific region, we are asking users to register their interest before we ship hardware and set up networking in this region.

  • This is not a pre-order. We will not ask payment until it's ready to use.
  • We will make it available for purchase soon after our "Interest meter" is filled.
  • We will email everyone who has registered interest when it is available for purchase.
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Interest meter

[1] Non-redundant storage space
[2] Plus sales tax for Canadian residents