Big Storage

1.35 TiB of storage for $25/month.
2.70 TiB of storage for $40/month.

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Rutorrent Storage


Manage your files in the browser from anywhere in the world

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Helm File Manager


New tools to give you a second-by-second overview of your upload activity all over the world

Whatbox Labs
You can upload Terabytes affordably right now! Plans starting at $15/month.

Quality Support

We have a top notch support team to handle all of your concerns as well as an active community of talented individuals who help out on IRC and contribute to the community wiki.

Simple Payments

All money is handled through a trusted 3rd party (PayPal) or with Bitcoin. Your payments should be processed within minutes. We don't automatically bill you and you can customize your payment reminders or cancel at any time.

Ever Improving

We're passionate about delivering files and constantly working on new software, hardware and technologies to help improve your experience. We even contribute improvements to the open-source technologies we use.