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Wiki > NZB 360 - App to Manage Radarr, Sonarr, Lidarr etc


nzb360 is an NZB application that manages and controls your file downloads. nzb360 supports all the common services for managing your Usenet/Torrent setup and is always updated to keep everything working smoothly.

Note: Some features might require the nzb360 PRO license.

Steps Step 1 - Get nzb360 on your Android mobile

Find nzb360 on Google Play Store Install it and Open it

Step 2 - Add indexers

Open nzb360 Tap the bottom left icon and then tap Settings Scroll down to the Indexers sections, tap "+ Add Indexer" and select the Indexer Type of your choice:

Depending on the type of indexer, fill in the following fields:

Description: Add a description of your choice IP/Host: (The url that you see in your browser e.g: https://username-sonarr.cp04.cloudboxes.io, where username is your whatbox username) API Key: Usually found under Settings > General and tap "Save"

Step 3 - Configure apps

From the Settings page, under Servers section choose an app:

Enable <app_name>: (Yes) Primary Connection Address : (The url that you see in your browser e.g: https://.whatbox.username-sonarr.whatbox.ca, where username is your whatbox username) API Key: (Your API key which is located in the general settings inside your app) Then save changes and tap the "Test Connection" button to make sure everything went well.

Step 4 - Add your favorite shows/movies directly to radarr , sonarr , etc.

Choose a movie Click "Add to Radarr" or "Add to Sonarr"

Conclusion You have successfully setup nzb360 app on your mobile.