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What is it?

NZBGet is a Newsreader written in C++ and designed with performance in mind to achieve maximum download speed by using very little system resources.



  1. Connect to your slot via SSH

  2. Download NZBGet

     wget -O - http://nzbget.net/info/nzbget-version-linux.json | sed -n "s/^.*stable-download.*: \"\(.*\)\".*/\1/p" | wget --no-check-certificate -i - -O nzbget-latest-bin-linux.run
  3. Install NZBGet

     sh nzbget-latest-bin-linux.run

    Note: By default NZBGet is installed into directory nzbget/ in the current directory. You can specify another directory using parameter --destdir.

     sh nzbget-latest-bin-linux.run --destdir /path/to/install/nzbget
  4. Change the ports NZBGet uses by editing ~/nzbget/nzbget.conf

     nano ~/nzbget/nzbget.conf

    Press Ctrl+W, enter ControlPort, press Enter

    Change 6789 to 18704

    Press Ctrl+W, enter SecurePort, press Enter

    Change 6791 to 14352

    Save and exit the file by pressing Ctrl+X, then Y, then Enter

  5. Run in background as daemon (service). When starting NZBGet use command -D.

     ~/nzbget/nzbget -D
  6. (Optional) Clean up the installation archive.

     rm nzbget*.run
  7. Access http://server.whatbox.ca:18704 and change these settings:

    Log in with username: nzbget and password: tegbzn6789

    Go to Settings -> Security

    Set a secure username and password. You will need to use this new username and password to log in to NZBGet.

Enable autostart on server reboot

  1. Connect to your slot via SSH

  2. Add Nzbget to your crontab

     crontab -e

    Add @reboot ~/nzbget/nzbget -D to the end of document.

  3. Save and close Crontab

    Press Ctrl+o, then Press Ctrl+x

  4. Verify your changes where made

     crontab -l

    the output will list all of your cron jobs. You should see the new line you just made.

Enable SSL (optional)

To do this, you will be creating a self-signed certificate, so note that your web browser might say that the connection is untrusted.

  1. SSH into your slot.
  2. Create the self-signed certificate. openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -out ~/nzbget/nzbget.cert -keyout ~/nzbget/nzbget.key -days 365
  3. Stop all running NZBGet processes. pkill -f nzbget
  4. Open NZBGet's configuration file in a text editor. nano ~/nzbget/nzbget.conf
  5. Change the following lines:
    SecureControl=no to SecureControl=yes
    SecureCert= to SecureCert=/home/user/nzbget/nzbget.cert
    SecureKey= to SecureKey=/home/user/nzbget/nzbget.key
  6. Save the configuration file. Ctrl+x if you used the nano text editor like above.
  7. Start the NZBGet processes again with ~/nzbget/nzbget -D

Access the secured web interface at https://server.whatbox.ca:14352