What is it?

NZBGet is a Newsreader written in C++ and designed with performance in mind to achieve maximum download speed by using very little system resources.



  1. Download NZBGet

     wget -O - | sed -n "s/^.*stable-download.*: \"\(.*\)\".*/\1/p" | wget --no-check-certificate -i - -O
  2. Install NZBGet


    Note: By default NZBGet is installed into directory nzbget/ in the current directory. You can specify another directory using parameter --destdir.

     sh --destdir /path/to/install/nzbget
  3. Change the port NZBGet uses by editing ~/nzbget/nzbget.conf

     nano ~/nzbget/nzbget.conf

    Press Ctrl+W, enter ControlPort, press Enter

    Change 6789 to 63256

    Save and exit the file by pressing Ctrl+X, then Y, then Enter

  4. Run in background as daemon (service). When starting NZBGet use command -D.

     ~/nzbget/nzbget -D
  5. (Optional) Clean up the installation archive.

     rm nzbget*.run
  6. Access and change these settings:

    Log in with username: nzbget and password: tegbzn6789

    Go to Settings -> Security

    Set a secure username and password. You will need to use this new username and password to log in to NZBGet.