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CouchPotato is no longer developed. CouchPotato uses Python 2.7, which will be removed from our servers. Consider using a different program that provides the same functionality, like Radarr.

CouchPotato is "an automatic NZB and torrent downloader."



Custom installations of CouchPotato do not have authentication enabled by default! You must follow all of the installation instructions or CouchPotato will be publicly accessible, including full file system access.
  1. Clone the CouchPotato git repository on to your slot:

     git clone https://github.com/CouchPotato/CouchPotatoServer.git
  2. Temporarily start CouchPotato with Python 2.7:

     python2 ~/CouchPotatoServer/CouchPotato.py &
  3. Kill the CouchPotato process.

     pkill -f CouchPotato.py
  4. Edit the configuration file to set a port and download location. Port 26111 has been automatically generated for you, but you may use another 5 digit port between 10000 and 32767.

     nano ~/.couchpotato/settings.conf

    Change the line that reads port = 5050 to port = 26111.
    Change the line that reads launch_browser = True to launch_browser = False.

  5. Restart CouchPotato inside a screen session

     screen -dmS CouchPotato python2 ~/CouchPotatoServer/CouchPotato.py
  6. Open your browser and navigate to http://server.whatbox.ca:26111 to access the CouchPotato web interface and begin using the setup wizard. Your CouchPotato password should not be the same as your Whatbox account or server password.

Automatically Restart

Below are steps to take to have your CouchPotato instance automatically restart if it crashes, or if the server is rebooted.

  1. Make a file to be used for the script. touch ~/couchpotato_restart.cron

  2. Edit the file and enter the text below. nano -w ~/couchpotato_restart.cron

    if pgrep -fx "python2 /home/user/CouchPotatoServer/CouchPotato.py" > /dev/null
        echo "CouchPotato is running."
        echo "CouchPotato is not running, starting CouchPotato"
        screen -dmS CouchPotato python2 ~/CouchPotatoServer/CouchPotato.py
  3. Save the file with Ctrl+x, y and Enter to accept overwriting.

  4. Make the script executable. chmod +x ~/couchpotato_restart.cron

  5. Open your crontab. EDITOR=nano crontab -e

  6. Enter the following text at the end of the file.

    @reboot /home/user/couchpotato_restart.cron >/dev/null 2>&1
    */5 * * * * /home/user/couchpotato_restart.cron >/dev/null 2>&1
  7. Save the crontab with Ctrl+x, y and Enter to accept overwriting.



rTorrent settings

You will need to enable "Show advanced settings" to be able to change rTorrent's RPC path. You can do this from the Downloaders Settings page: http://server.whatbox.ca:26111/settings/downloaders/

Ssl: Checked
Rpc Url: xmlrpc
Username: user
Password: (your server password)
Host: server.whatbox.ca

Deluge settings

Replace {{DELUGEPORT}} with the Deluge daemon port listed on your Slot Info page

Host: localhost:{{DELUGEPORT}}
Username: user
Password: (your server password)

Transmission settings

Replace {{TRANSMISSION}} with the Transmission WebUI port listed on your Slot Info page

Host: localhost:{{TRANSMISSION}}
Username: user
Password: (your server password)

WebUI port from your Slot Info page