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Transdroid is an open-source application for managing torrents from Android devices. It is able to connect to rTorrent, Deluge and Transmission.


Transdroid is available from Transdroid's GitHub. The latest version is downloadable on your device from this link: transdroid.org/latest. You can also scan this QR code below using your device's camera:


  1. Launch Transdroid or Transdrone
  2. Press the menu button (three vertical dots) and choose Settings
  3. Press Add new server then Add normal, custom server
  4. Enter the following information for your client. You will need to enter the "Advanced settings" menu to change some of the settings. You may need information from your Slot Info page. Make sure you are logged in to our website so the following information appears correctly:


Server type: rTorrent
IP or host name: server.whatbox.ca
Username: user
Password: (your password)
Advanced settings -> Port Number: 443
Advanced settings -> Use SSL: Checked
Advanced settings -> SCGI mount point: /xmlrpc


Server type: Deluge 1.2+
IP or host name: server.whatbox.ca
User name: user
Deluge web password: (your slot password)
Advanced Settings -> Port number: ##### (replace ##### with your WebUI port located at the end of your Deluge WebUI link from your Slot Info or Manage page)

In order for Transdroid to connect and interact with Deluge, the Deluge WebUI must be connected to the Deluge daemon on your slot. The WebUI can be connected to the daemon manually by browsing to your Deluge WebUI in your browser. This will need to be repeated when your Deluge WebUI is restarted.

Optionally, you can set up the Deluge WebUI to always automatically connect to your Deluge daemon whenever the Deluge WebUI is restarted.

  1. SSH into your server

  2. Stop the WebUI

     pkill deluge-web
  3. Read the first 10 lines of hostlist.conf.1.2:

     head -n10 ~/.config/deluge/hostlist.conf.1.2

    Look for the block of code that looks like the following:

     "hosts": [
     "randomized string", 

    Copy the randomized string. In most SSH clients, you can copy text by selecting it.

  4. Edit web.conf

     nano ~/.config/deluge/web.conf

    Find the "default_daemon" line, remove ##DEFAULTDAEMON## and paste in your randomized string. In most SSH clients, you can paste by middle-clicking or accessing the context menu. Save the file by pressing Ctrl+X, Y, Enter

  5. Restart the WebUI

     deluge-web --fork


Server type: Transmission
IP or host name: server.whatbox.ca
Username: user
Password: (your password)
Advanced settings -> Port number: ##### (replace ##### with your port from your Slot Info page)

Close the application and start it again to ensure that the settings have been saved correctly.