Plex is currently only offered on the Whatbox HDD plans and SSD plans, and these installation instructions will only work on those plans.


Plex organizes all of your video, music, and photo collections, and gives you instant access to them on all of your devices. See for more information.


SSH to your slot and run the plex-install command. It will guide you through the installation.

Note: You need to have a account. You can sign up here.


Base configuration is almost entirely automatic. For creating libraries see the support article.

Please note that DLNA and "Enable local network discovery (GDM)" are disabled by default, and should remain disabled to improve the security of Plex in a multi-user and data center environments.

Plex guides and support can be accessed at the Plex Support page. Once Plex has been installed and requires authentication to access Whatbox staff will be able to provide minimal assistance with its usage.


To update Plex to a newer version, or if you simply want to restart Plex, simply re-run plex-install. It will automatically check for new updates and restart Plex. Settings will be retained, so it will not be necessary to complete the Configuration steps again.

Note: Some Plex updates are only available to PlexPass subscribers. To install, the command is plex-install --plexpass. The script will request your Plex token. This may be obtained by clicking on the three dots at the lower right hand corner of any movie in your library. Select 'Get Info' from the menu and then 'View XML' from the lower left corner of the Media Info pop-up. The Plex token will be at the end of the resulting page URL.

Reset / Uninstall

Run plex-install --reset to reset Plex to default settings.
Run plex-install --uninstall to remove all Plex installations and settings.

Third party programs

  • Plex Requests - simple automated way for Plex users to request new content
  • Ombi - web application that automatically gives your shared Plex users the ability to request content
  • Tautulli (formerly PlexPy) - web application for monitoring, analytics and notifications for Plex Media Server
  • Plex WebTools - plugin for Plex Media Server that allows installation of extra modules including subtitle management.