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Plex Requests

Plex Requests is a simple automated way for users to request new content for Plex. Plex Requests runs on its own port; 65021 has been automatically generated for you, but you may use another 5 digit port between 10000 and 65535.


Plex Requests requires Meteor to be installed on your slot.

  1. Install Meteor by running curl https://install.meteor.com/ | sh. When sudo prompts for a password, press Ctrl+C to exit.


  1. Download the latest release: wget https://github.com/lokenx/plexrequests-meteor/archive/v1.21.2.tar.gz

  2. Extract the archive: tar xvzf v1.21.2.tar.gz; mv plexrequests-meteor-1.21.2/ plexrequests-meteor/

  3. Run Plex Requests: cd ~/plexrequests-meteor followed by screen -dmS plexrequests ~/.meteor/meteor -p 65021

Your PlexRequests WebUI will now be available at http://server.whatbox.ca:65021


  1. Kill the meteor process. pkill -f meteor

  2. Change to the plexrequests-meteor directory. cd ~/plexrequests-meteor

  3. Update Plex Requests with git git pull

  4. Run Plex Requests: cd ~/plexrequests-meteor followed by screen -dmS plexrequests ~/.meteor/meteor -p 65021

You may need to update Meteor as well:

  1. Kill any meteor processes. pkill -f meteor

  2. Change to the meteor directory. cd ~/.meteor

  3. Run the update command. ./meteor update

Note that not all versions of Plex Requests may be compatible with all versions of Meteor