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What does it mean to have your slot locked?

Slots are locked (suspended) when there is a problem that needs to be solved. While a slot is locked the client is shutdown and FTP and SSH access is blocked. In most cases the problem can be quickly resolved allowing us to unlock your slot. There are several reasons your slot may be locked:

Reasons for locking slots

Expired slot

You haven't paid for your slot. Your "days remaining" can be seen on the Manage page. You can fix your balance by paying via that page. After payment your slot should automatically get unlocked. If you believe your remaining time is incorrect, let us know.

You're using too much disk space

It's your responsibility to keep an eye on your disk space usage. If you have been locked for disk space overuse, you may want to consider upgrading your slot. To get your slot unlocked, file a ticket letting us know whether you want to upgrade or whether you will delete files.

Copyright complaint

Copyright complaints are forwarded to your registered email address and you have a 24-hour grace period to remove the content. Slots are suspended if the affected content is not removed in that time, and you will need to make a support ticket to have the slot reopened. Make sure to verify that the status of a complaint is marked as Resolved on the complaints page to avoid suspension. Complaints may be viewed here.

Something else?

It may mean we need to talk to you about something. Check to see if you have received an email and contact us either through a support ticket or on IRC.