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What is it?

Helm is one of our attempts to help give you even more control over your files! While we already provide a very large number of ways to access your files, there's always the circumstance where you might not have access to the tool set or ports you need to use FTP, SSH, etc. Whether you're traveling, behind a school firewall, at a friend's house, or a public library, Helm aims to provide a more flexible way to manage your files.

If you have a slot already, you can try it at https://server.whatbox.ca/filebrowser/

Current Features

  • Drag and drop movement of files
  • File upload (including drag & drop)
  • Folder downloading as a zip
  • Standard features: rename, move, download, upload, delete
  • Undo Delete to give you the opportunity to undo accidental deletions for a short period of time

Problems that won't be fixed

  • Old versions of browsers are not guaranteed to work.

Planned Features

  • Sharing files with others
  • File download via drag and drop to the desktop
  • Sorting file lists
  • Remembering preferences

Keyboard Shortcuts

F5 Refresh directory listing
Ctrl+A Select all files
Ctrl+Shift+A Unselect all files
Up Arrow & Down Arrow Iterate through list
Enter/Return & Right Arrow Open
Esc Cancel current action and clear selection
Backspace & Left Arrow Navigate up the directory tree
F2 Rename currently selected item

Mouse Shortcuts

Control click & Shift click are fully supported.