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xseed (also called xseed.py) is a script which allows you to batch modify torrent files, add unique strings to their info dicts to give them unique infohashes (allowing you to safely cross-seed them) and change their announce urls.

usage: xseed [-h] [-v] [-e] [-o OUTFILE] [-d PATH] [-a URL] [-p] [-n]
             [-c COMMENT]
             files [files ...]

positional arguments:
  files                 files to be modified

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         switch on verbose mode
  -e, --edit-in-place   overwrite files without prompting
  -o OUTFILE, --output=OUTFILE
                        specify output filename. (can not be used if multiple
                        files are given)
  -d PATH, --directory=PATH
                        specify a directory to save output to
  -a URL, --announce=URL
                        replace announce-url with the one specified
  -p, --private         make torrent private
  -n, --no-cross-seed   do not randomize info hashes
  -c COMMENT, --comment=COMMENT
                        replace comment with the one specified

Usage Example

If you have two sites, A & B with the exact same torrent files (names and content) you may run into an issue when attempting to cross-seed. A torrent client may refuse to add the torrent file and ignore it since the infohash is not unique.

xseed is used to edit the torrent files allowing them to be added to your client without issues.

In SSH, run the following:

xseed -d ~/watch sometorrentfile.torrent

If successful this will then edit the torrent file and add a unique string.

The best way to ensure that your torrent files are automatically started is to use the watch folders created by the specific clients.