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Unpackerr was designed to make sure you never have to worry about a download failing to import because it's in a bunch of rar files.

  1. Download release

  2. Make a folder for it

     mkdir ~/unpackerr
  3. Extract to the folder

     gunzip -c unpackerr.amd64.linux.gz > ~/unpackerr/unpackerr
  4. Make executable

     chmod +x ~/unpackerr/unpackerr
  5. Download examle config

     wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Unpackerr/unpackerr/v.0.13.1/examples/unpackerr.conf.example -O ~/unpackerr/unpackerr.conf
  6. Edit config and enter your *arr details as needed

         nano ~/unpackerr/unpackerr.conf
  7. Save with Ctrl+s and exit with Ctrl+x