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mergerfs is a union filesystem geared towards simplifying storage and management of files across numerous commodity storage devices.


mergerfs is installed by default.

You can optionally install mergerfs to your home directory if code changes are desired:

  1. Connect to your slot through SSH

  2. Clone the mergerfs repository and change to its directory

     git clone https://github.com/trapexit/mergerfs.git; cd mergerfs
  3. Edit both Makefile and libfuse/Makefile to change /usr/local to /home/user. The following command will make the appropriate edits for you:

     sed -i 's|/usr/local|/home/user|g' Makefile

You can make any optional code changes you need as well.

  1. Compile and install mergerfs.

     make; make install; rm ~/bin/mergerfs-fusermount
  2. (Optional) Add ~/bin to your PATH so that you can run binaries in ~/bin without specifying the path. Ignore this step if you have performed it for a different program.

     echo "PATH=\$HOME/bin:\$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc

You can now run ~/bin/mergerfs (or mergerfs if the optional step is completed) to use the program.