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Whatbox uses Markdown, a lightweight markup language, to mark up wiki articles. Full Markdown syntax is allowed. Markdown allows inline html, but in our implementation only certain tags are allowed for security purposes.

For a guide to Markdown syntax, please read the official documentation.

You may be familiar with Markdown from Reddit, Stackoverflow or Github, all of which use Markdown.

Headers for Sections and Subsections

Proper use of header levels for sections and subsections is important. The Whatbox wiki generates the table of contents (found in right sidebar) from these headers.

Sections should use first level headers: # Section
Subsections should use second level headers: ## Subsection

Embedded images

Embedded images must be served over https to be included in the wiki.

Magic variables

The Whatbox wiki supports magic variables which will automatically be converted to usernames, server names, or other information when logged in. For those not logged in, generic information will be shown.

Variable Output Use case
{{USER}} user Username auto-replace
{{SERVER}} server Server auto-replace (lowercase)
{{SERVER_NAME}} Server Server auto-replace (title case)
{{PORT}} 16951 Random port for custom apps
{{PORT2}} 19475 Additional random port if needed
{{PORT3}} 23650 Additional random port if needed