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flac2mp3 is a script for transcoding music files.

First, connect to your server through SSH.

Basic Usage

Usage: flac2mp3 --preset=<320|V0|V2> <flacdir> <mp3dir>
Example: flac2mp3 --preset=V0 ~/files/FLACmusicdir ~/files/MP3musicdir
Example 2 (convert in current dir): flac2mp3 ./ ./

Advanced Usage

Usage: /usr/bin/flac2mp3 [--pretend] [--quiet] [--debug] [--tagsonly] [--force] [--tagdiff] [--noskipfile] [--skipfilename=<filename>] [--preset=<V0|V2|320>] [--lameargs='parameter-list'] <flacdir> <mp3dir>
    --pretend        Don't actually do anything
    --quiet          Disable informational output to stdout
    --debug          Enable debugging output. For developers only!
    --tagsonly       Don't do any transcoding - just update tags
    --force          Force transcoding and tag update even if not required
    --tagdiff        Print source/dest tag values if different
    --preset='s'     Specify a preset encoding type. Does not work with lameargs.
                     Valid Presets: V0, V2, 320
                     Default: V2
    --lameargs='s'   specify parameter(string) to be passed to the LAME Encoder
                     Default: "--noreplaygain --vbr-new -V 2 -h --nohist --quiet"
    --noskipfile     Ignore any skip files
    --skipfilename   Specify the name of the skip file.
                     Default: flac2mp3.ignore
    --processes=n    Launch n parallel transcoding processes
                     Use with multi-core CPUs.
                     Default: 1
    --tagseparator=s Use "s" as the separator to join multiple instances of the
                     same tag.
                     Default: "/"
    --copyfiles      Copy non-flac files to dest directories