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It is possible to create torrents on your Whatbox slot. The files for which you want to create the torrent need to be located on the box.

Torrent creation may take a while. Please be patient. If you believe that torrent creation is taking too long, please check that you are using an appropriate piece size.


ruTorrent provides an easy graphical interface for creating torrents.

  1. Open ruTorrent
  2. Click the Create Torrent button on the toolbar. It is displayed as a star.
  3. Fill in the fields in the Create New Torrent dialog.
  • Select Source - the base directory or file from which to create the torrent - You can browse for the directory or file by using the "..." button to the right of the field.
  • Trackers - the trackers you want to add
  • Comment - optional
  • Piece size:

    Files up to 50MiB: 32KiB piece size (-l 15)
    Files 50MiB to 150MiB: 64KiB piece size (-l 16)
    Files 150MiB to 350MiB: 128KiB piece size (-l 17)
    Files 350MiB to 512MiB: 256KiB piece size (-l 18)
    Files 512MiB to 1.0GiB: 512KiB piece size (-l 19)
    Files 1.0GiB to 2.0GiB: 1024KiB piece size (-l 20)
    Files 2.0GiB and up: 2048KiB piece size, and larger at your discretion. (-l 21)

  1. Click Create, wait for the torrent to finish creating, and click Save.

If all goes well, you will be presented with your browser's standard file download dialog, giving you the option to save the .torrent to your computer.

mktorrent (SSH)

Mktorrent can be used by connecting to your server through SSH. Mktorrent is installed on all Whatbox servers and can be accessed using the command mktorrent.

View all of mktorrent's switches/help with

mktorrent -help

The general command is in the form of:

mktorrent -l 21 -p -a http://torrent.tracker/announce ~/"files/Torrent Data" -o "Torrent File Name.torrent"

An explanation of the above command is as follows:
mktorrent - runs mktorrent
-l 21 - Piece length (or size) for the torrent. It's 2^n bytes, so '-l 21' would create a 2^21 = 2MB piece size.
-p - Sets the private flag on the torrent. This should be set when it will be seeded on private trackers.
-a http://[..] - Tracker announce url for the torrent.
~/"files/[..]" - Path to folder or file that the torrent is being created from.
-o file.torrent - Filename for the .torrent file.

Once the .torrent file is created, simply copy it to the watch directory, and your torrent client will start seeding it.