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A console client for the BitTorrent client Transmission. For code and official documentation take a look at its GitHub project page

This guide assumes you know the basics of using SSH.

Initial Setup

Start tremc, connect to daemon, and create a configuration file:
replace password with your slot password
replace {{TRANSMISSIONPORT}} with your Transmission port (listed on your Slot Info page.)

tremc -c 'user:password@localhost:{{TRANSMISSIONPORT}}' --create-config

Afterwards you can just start the interface using tremc

In case you're interested, the default config file is located at ~/.config/tremc/settings.cfg


            F1/?  Show this help
             u/d  Adjust maximum global upload/download rate
             U/D  Adjust maximum upload/download rate for focused torrent
               L  Set seed ratio limit for focused torrent
             +/-  Adjust bandwidth priority for focused torrent
               p  Pause/Unpause torrent
               P  Pause/Unpause all torrents
             v/y  Verify torrent
               m  Move torrent
               n  Reannounce torrent
               a  Add torrent
           Del/r  Remove torrent and keep content
     Shift+Del/R  Remove torrent and delete content
               f  Filter torrent list
               s  Sort torrent list
     Enter/Right  View torrent's details
               o  Configuration options
               t  Toggle turtle mode
             Esc  Unfocus
               q  Quit