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The Lounge is a Node.js-based IRC client with a web-based graphical interface.


These instructions will use the randomly generated port number 23846. Feel free to use an available port of your choice anywhere that port is listed.

  1. Create a directory for The Lounge, its config, and its data:

     mkdir ~/.thelounge
  2. Install The Lounge:

     cd ~/.thelounge
     npm install thelounge
  3. Start The Lounge to generate a config file, and then kill the process:

     npx thelounge start --config port=23846
     ^C (Hold down the Control key and press C)

    If the port 23846 is unavailable, you can change it to an available port number of your choice throughout the rest of this document, or you can refresh this page to get a new randomly generated port number.

  4. Edit the config file to permanently point to that port:

     sed -i 's/port: 9000,/port: 23846,/' config.js
  5. Generate a user account:

     npx thelounge add user
  6. Start The Lounge:

     screen -dmS thelounge npx thelounge start

The Lounge should now be accessible at http://server.whatbox.ca:23846/. Log in with the username and password you created.

Optional: Configure The Lounge to use SSL

  1. Visit your Managed Links page

  2. Select the Add App button in the upper-right corner.

  3. For the app name, enter thelounge or a name of your choice.

  4. For the app port, enter the following: 23846

  5. Select the Save button.

Automatically Restarting The Lounge

You can create a cron job that automatically restarts The Lounge when it goes down:

cd ~/.thelounge  
cat > cron <<'EOF'

cmd='npx thelounge start'

if ! pgrep --full "$cmd" --uid $USER > /dev/null
  cd ~/.thelounge         
  $cmd > /dev/null 2>&1 &

chmod +x cron
(crontab -l 2> /dev/null;echo "* * * * * $HOME/.thelounge/cron") | crontab -