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Your slot is being transferred to another server. Below are frequently asked questions and answers to them.

My issue isn't listed here

Please open a ticket and we'll respond as soon as we can.

May I use my slot during the transfer?

Yes. Using the slot is not an issue and any changes will be accounted for.

Will there be downtime?

Typically only a couple of seconds near the end of the transfer as the old slot is shutdown and the new one is started. It is possible it will take longer if a lot of new data is added.

Will my server's IP or host name change?

Yes. The new information will be available on your slot's Info page.

Will my apps be started?

Managed apps will be started again automatically. Unmanaged apps (typically those installed by command-line) will need to be started by command-line again.

Will my crontab transfer?

Yes. Your scheduled tasks will be run on schedule.

Why is my storage usage different after the transfer?

Most often this is caused by previously deleted 'sparse files' being held open by one of your applications. Shutting down that application allowed the storage space to be reclaimed.

My app isn't connecting to the BitTorrent client anymore

Check your app's configuration. Ensure it is connecting to localhost or for the server/IP field and not your previous server's address.

My managed app is not working after the transfer

This could be caused by a port conflict that our system was unable to automatically correct. You can verify if it's a port conflict or other error by starting the application in the foreground by command-line in SSH.

My unmanaged app is not working after the transfer

The libraries your app depend on might have been updated or otherwise changed since it was last started. You may need to recompile the app from its source or update your python virtualenv.