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Server Load

While the standard Unix loads for your server are available via IRC and SSH, we find for many who aren't familiar with these figures already they don't give a useful point of reference of what the server is doing versus what it's capable of.

Because of this, we've developed a lab project known as Stats.

Our Stats page can be found at /labs/stats on all of our servers. You will need to login with your credentials to see the page.


  • Grey These are core level services necessary for the operating system to function, it includes things like prioritizing disk access and regulating memory operations.
  • Orange These are user consumed cycles for everyone on the server, this includes every program a user starts or is running.
  • Cyan These are "nice" processes, things that are only asking for idle CPU cycles and will always yield to any other process.


  • Orange This is RAM currently in use by all applications.
  • Cyan This is Cache ram, things that are stored there for quick use by the CPU.

Disk I/O

  • Orange This is the Disk I/O of all users on a given drive.