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Plex Meta Manager is an open source Python 3 project that has been designed to ease the creation and maintenance of metadata, collections, and playlists within a Plex Media Server. The script is designed to be run continuously and be able to update information based on sources outside your plex environment. Plex Meta Manager supports Movie/TV/Music libraries and Playlists.

Connect to your slot through SSH.

  1. Download Plex Meta Manager

     git clone https://github.com/meisnate12/Plex-Meta-Manager
  2. Set up a virtual environment

     python3 -m venv pmm-venv
  3. Activate the virtual environment

     source pmm-venv/bin/activate
  4. Install the package requirements

     python -m pip install -r ~/Plex-Meta-Manager/requirements.txt
  5. Move the base configuration file into place

     mv ~/Plex-Meta-Manager/config/config.yml.template ~/Plex-Meta-Manager/config/config.yml
  6. Open the configuration file in nano to edit

     nano ~/Plex-Meta-Manager/config/config.yml
  7. Save changes by pressing Ctrl+x, y and then enter

  8. Run Plex Meta Manager

     python ~/Plex-Meta-Manager/plex_meta_manager.py -r

For more info and assistance, please see the official documentation