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"Overseerr is a free and open source software application for managing requests for your media library. It integrates with your existing services, such as Sonarr, Radarr, and Plex!"


  1. Connect to your slot through SSH

  2. Download the latest release of Overseerr

     git clone --branch v1.26.1 https://github.com/sct/overseerr.git
  3. Enter Overseerr's directory

     cd ~/overseerr/
  4. Install and build Overseerr. This will take a long time; Overseerr has many dependencies.

     yarn install --network-timeout 1000000; yarn run build
  5. Start Overseerr

     PORT=14362 screen -dmS overseerr yarn start

Overseerr will take a few seconds to start. Access http://server.whatbox.ca:14362 and finish the setup procedure.