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Murmur is the server application for the Mumble voice chat client.


  1. Download the Murmur static binary.

     wget https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/releases/download/1.2.19/murmur-static_x86-1.2.19.tar.bz2
  2. Extract Murmur.

     mkdir -p ~/murmur && tar xvjf murmur-static*.tar.bz2 --strip-components=1 -C ~/murmur
  3. (Optional) Clean up install archive.

     rm murmur-static*.tar.bz2


  1. Copy the murmur default configuration file to ~/.murmurd

     mkdir -p ~/.murmurd; cp ~/murmur/murmur.ini ~/.murmurd/murmur.ini
  2. Open murmur.ini for editing.

     nano ~/.murmurd/murmur.ini
  3. Configure murmur. Read the comments in murmur.ini or see here and here for more information.

    1. The following options need to be changed/set:

       - port=13901 (13901 has been automatically generated for you, but you may use another 5 digit port between 10000 and 65535.)
    2. The following options may be changed/set at your discretion:

       - bandwidth=130000 (The maximum suggested for Mumble)
       - welcometext= (The text that shows when someone connects to your server)
       - serverpassword= (Leaving this blank will allow anyone to connect without a password)
       - users=
       - registerName= (Will change the name of the top channel from the default 'Root')
       - certrequired= (Set to true to only allow clients with a certificate to connect)
    3. The rest is entirely optional. See the links above for more information. Hit Ctrl-X, then Y, followed by Enter to exit and save your changes.

  4. Start murmur.

  5. (Optional) Set a SuperUser (Admin) password. If you need to administrate your server through Mumble, this needs to be set.

     ~/murmur/murmur.x86 -supw <YourPasswordHere>
  6. Set your Mumble client to connect to server.whatbox.ca with the port and password you set in murmur.ini.