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Custom installations of LazyLibrarian do not have authentication enabled by default! You must follow all of the installation instructions or LazyLibrarian will be publicly accessible, including full file system access.


Follow the instructions in the virtualenv article to install and activate a Python 3 virtual environment. If you have previously set up a virtualenv, you may choose to re-use it or create a new one with a different name.


  1. git clone https://gitlab.com/LazyLibrarian/LazyLibrarian.git

  2. Activate virtualenv (if not activated)

     source ~/virtualenv3/bin/activate
  3. Install Python dependencies for LazyLibrarian

     pip install apprise pillow
  4. Start LazyLibrarian

     python ~/LazyLibrarian/LazyLibrarian.py --nolaunch --port=13803
  5. Access your webui at http://server.whatbox.ca:13803 and immediately set a username and password on the right side under Authentication. Do not use your Whatbox password(s).

  6. Return to the terminal and press Ctrl+c to end the process

  7. Launch LazyLibrarian as a daemon ~/virtualenv3/bin/python ~/LazyLibrarian/LazyLibrarian.py --daemon and continue to access it from the above address.