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At this time, Whatbox servers have limited support for FlareSolverr. It may stop working at any time.

A random port number between 10000 and 32767 is needed and will be used to access FlareSolverr. The port number 26967 has automatically been generated and will be used throughout this article, but can be changed if needed.

Connect to your slot using SSH

  1. Create ~/flaresolverr.yml

     touch ~/flaresolverr.yml
  2. Open the file with nano ~/flaresolverr.yml and add the text in this text box to the file

             image: ghcr.io/flaresolverr/flaresolverr:latest
               - LOG_LEVEL=${LOG_LEVEL:-info}
               - LOG_HTML=${LOG_HTML:-false}
               - CAPTCHA_SOLVER=${CAPTCHA_SOLVER:-none}
               - TZ=UTC
               - PORT=26967
               - HOST=
             network_mode: host
             pull_policy: always
             restart: unless-stopped

    Save the file by pressing Ctrl+S then exit nano with Ctrl+X

  3. Run the FlareSolverr application

     podman-compose -f ~/flaresolverr.yml up -d

After returning to your shell prompt, FlareSolverr will be accessible at http://localhost:26967 in any program running on your server. You can test FlareSolverr by running curl http://localhost:26967 FlareSolverr will respond with the current browser version it is using.

To update FlareSolverr, run this command to restart into the latest version: podman-compose -f ~/flaresolverr.yml down; podman-compose -f ~/flaresolverr.yml up -d