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Amazon Cloud Drive (ACD) is a web storage application from Amazon. The interface between Amazon Cloud Drive (ACD) and your Whatbox slot will be done with a python tool called acd_cli.

Note: All upload to the Amazon servers from your Whatbox slot will count towards your traffic limits.


  1. Connect to your slot through SSH

  2. Install a Python 3 virtualenv and activate it.

  3. Install acd_cli in virtualenv:

      pip3 install git+https://github.com/yadayada/acd_cli.git
  4. acd_cli needs authorized to use your Amazon account. Log in at https://acd-api-oa.appspot.com/ A file named oauth.json will be downloaded. Upload this file to your slot to your home directory.

  5. Create the directory for oauth_data: mkdir ~/.cache/acd_cli

  6. Move the file into the directory. mv ~/oauth.json ~/.cache/acd_cli/oauth.json

  7. Sync with the Amazon Cloud Drive servers. This may take a while depending on how much data (nodes) you have: acd_cli sync


You can use acd_cli help to find out what commands you can run or access https://acd-cli.readthedocs.org for documentation.

General usage

To download files from ACD: acd_cli download /remote_directory

To upload files to ACD: acd_cli upload local_directory /remote_directory

To list the files/folders (nodes) on ACD: acd_cli ls

If you get errors when uploading about file conflicts or if you want to update the node database, you can sync again with the ACD server: acd_cli sync

If you would like to remove all authorization for acd_cli from your slot you can run the following: acd_cli delete-everything This will only remove the oauth_data file and the node database from the slot. Your data on ACD will not be harmed by doing this.

Mounting ACD

To mount ACD, you will need to create a mount directory on your slot.

  1. Create a directory to mount ACD to: mkdir ~/acd
  2. Use the mount command in acd_cli: acd_cli mount ~/acd