Accepted methods

You can view and change your current payment method on your payment methods preferences page.


PayPal allows you to pay online without sharing your financial information. To secure your purchase, PayPal encrypts and secures your credit card information and never communicates it to the recipient of your payments.

After creating a PayPal account, you simply use your username PayPal (email and password) and do not enter information about your credit card anymore. Payments made via PayPal will allow you to use any funding source that PayPal accepts, including your PayPal balance, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, depending on your location.


Bitcoin payments are available via BitPay, send bitcoin from any wallet to a special address to make a payment.

Credit Card

You can pay us directly with Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards. We are processing credit cards with stripe. We require information about the location of the cardholder in order to limit fraud, but your card number and other personal information are never saved because we use a token to charge your card.

Billing Cycle

Everything we have is pre-paid. We do not bill you, but we will remind you when the time you've purchased is coming to an end so you may choose to add more time.


Our refund policy is available here.

Unsupported Payment Methods

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is no longer a possibility for selling digital goods.