Privacy Policy

Whatbox Inc. ("Whatbox", "we", "us", or "our") has created this privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") to document the information we collect from the people who use our website and Services and how it may be used.

Information collection

Personal Information

When you register on our website you may be required to provide us with personal information about yourself, such as your email address and province of residence (collectively, your "Personal Information"). If you register using an external authentication provider, we will request of them the same Personal Information we would prompt you for you directly. We do not collect any Personal Information you do not provide us voluntarily by entering it on our website or using an external authentication provider. We will not use Personal Information you have provided to gather additional information about you.

Billing Information

If you wish to purchase paid Services from us, you may be required to provide additional information such as a credit card number, billing address & CVC (collectively, your "Billing Information").

Network Information

When you access our website or Services we may record your IP address or identifying route information (collectively, your "Network Information") as part of an automated security procedure.

Analytic Information

We may collect anonymous aggregate information from your activity on our website and Services. Including information about your network, route, geographic location and software (collectively, the "Analytic Information").

Error Reports

We generate anonymous error reports when you encounter errors while using our services. Under rare circumstances error reports may contain unexpected or private information, such information will be handled or destroyed in accordance with the rest of this document.

Information sharing & storage

Personal Information

Your Personal Information will not be shared with any 3rd party for marketing or sales purposes. Your Personal Information will not be shared with any 3rd party, law enforcement organization or government body unless under a Canadian court order. We will inform you of any such requests for your Personal Information ("Request Transparency") whenever legally possible.

Billing Information

Your Billing Information may be shared with an authorized 3rd party for the purpose of validating and processing the payment. Your Billing Information may only be stored in accordance with the PCI DSS specification. Your Billing Information may be stored even after you no longer have active Services. We will notify you if we believe your Billing Information has been made available to or accessed by an untrusted 3rd party.

Network Information

We may provide your Network Information in confidence to the transit provider responsible for the connection from the Services to you. We may also utilize 3rd party services to gain additional insight into your route (including information about proxies, network capacities and transit providers).

Hosted Data

Your files, data and other information you transfer to the server for use with the Services (collectively, your "Hosted Data"), will be instantly and irrecoverably destroyed after a grace period following the expiration or cancellation of Services. Alternative arrangements made with our Staff will take precedence over this. Open issues on our support system will also delay the removal of the Hosted Data until our staff have had time to make alternative arrangements with you. Your Hosted Data may be accessed, transferred and modified by our Staff while providing support, addressing pending hardware issues or resolving software errors. Your Hosted Data may be inspected using cryptographic hashes when responding to copyright complaints in accordance with our Abuse Policy. We may ask you to remove Hosted Data found to be in violation of our Terms of Service.

Information protection

We strive to maintain reasonable physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to secure your Personal Information, your Billing Information, your Hosted Data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.


There are a number of cookies that may be set while you use our site and services. These are classified into four main categories based off of the European Union's cookie law.

Strictly necessary
Necessary for the functioning of this website.
Cookies used to help gather Analytic Information.
Remember settings and device properties.
Identify you, or gather specific information about you.
Cookie Classification Description
login Strictly Necessary This cookie contains session tokens necessary to login.
Xlogin Strictly Necessary Equivalent to login but used in experimental login systems.
error Functionality Used for passing messages between pages, such as error to be shown.
redirect Functionality Attempts to redirect you where you wanted to go after login.

Account Deletion

Due to legal obligations in maintaining the accuracy of historical invoices, even if you were to delete your account, the majority of the information we store would need to be preserved within those historical records. As such, we do not allow account deletion.